Second Transnational Project Meeting

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The 2nd transnational project meeting of IDEA was conducted in Zagreb on 04-05 October 2018, hosted by DOOR, with participation from UCY, Focus and EAP. Representatives from all the partner organizations gathered together in order to discuss the project progress, present their new results, resolve open issues and questions and draft an action plan for the upcoming tasks regarding the project, with main focus on the intellectual outputs.

During the second day of the meeting, the IDEA consortium representatives conducted a joint meeting with the consortium of project “Fair solutions for better community (FER)”, in order to present to each other the two projects and to discuss the potentiality of a cooperation due to the fact that the two projects have the common goal of facing and decreasing energy poverty: IDEA by creating the proper ICT tools, and FER by visiting households and recording energy related data, thus using some of the tools if possible. Both consortia showed interest in such a potential collaboration.