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Please answer the Online Quiz below. You will receive 1 point for every correct answer submitted. You can retake the Online Quiz test as many times as you like to assess your acquired knowledge.

A) Coal
B) Natural gas
C) Electricity
D) Wind

A) Wood
B) Lignite
C) Natural gas
D) Oil

A) Convection
B) Heat transmittance
D) Heat radiation

A) Heat transmittance
B) Heat recovery
C) Heat radiation
D) Infiltration

A) The walls
B) The floor
C) The roof
D) The windows

A) kWh/(pers x a)
B) kWh/m2
C) kWh/m2a
D) kW/(m2a)

A) 2%
B) 4%
C) 6%
D) 8%

A) Intensive ventilation
B) cross-ventilation
C) open tilting of windows
D) with air conditioning

A) 20-40%
B) 30-50%
C) 40-60%
D) 50-70%

A) Gas fired Thermo Power Plant
B) Coal fired Thermo Power Plant
C) Wind Power Plant
D) Hydro Power Plant

A) Watt (W)
B) Kilowatt (kW)
C) Kilowatt hours (kWh)
D) Kilowatt years (kW-Y)

A) twice as much
B) three times as much
C) four times as much
D) five or more times as much

A) < 2 %
B) < 10 %
C) < 20 %
D) < 50 %

A) 2 %
B) 4 %
C) 6 %
D) 8 %

A) 0.10 EUR
B) 0.85 EUR
C) 1.30 EUR
D) 2.50 EUR

A) 30 litres
B) 100 litres
C) 120 litres
D) 120 m3

A) Toilet flushing
B) washing laundry
C) bathing/showering
D) cooking/drinking

A) showering
B) bathing
C) brushing the teeth with water flowing
D) washing the dishes

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