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The consortium of IDEA Project consists of the following partners:

University of Cyprus (UCY)

The University of Cyprus (UCY) was officially founded in 1989. The University has five faculties, Pure and Applied Sciences, Economics and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Letters and the recently formed Faculty of Engineering. The Department of Computer Science, belonging to the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, is one of the most active Departments of the University. The Department is very active in the areas of information technology and communications, while it has also been very active in attracting funding and since Cyprus joined the E.U. it has participated in over 150 projects funded by various frameworks of the European Union.

The University of Cyprus participates in the IDEA Erasmus+ project through the Software Engineering and Internet Technologies (SEIT) Laboratory, an integral part of the Department of Computer Science. SEIT focuses its research activities on two important areas of Information Technology, namely Software Engineering and Internet Technologies.

Contact info:
Address: Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, 1 University Avenue, P.O.Box 20537, CY-2109,  Nicosia, CYPRUS
Contact person: George A. Papadopoulos (Lab Director)
Tel.: +357 22892693
Email: george AT


DOOR (Society for Sustainable Development Design) is a civil society organization of experts devoted to the promotion of sustainable energy development, founded in 2003 in Zagreb, Croatia.  DOOR has successfully implemented more than 100 projects with goals ranging from climate change mitigation, encouraging citizens’ participation in sustainable energy policy-making, improving education about renewable energy sources and alleviating energy poverty. DOOR has extensive experience in conducting cross-sector and cross-country research as well as evidence based advocacy work, and has authored and co-authored numerous research results with aim either to raise awareness on specific social or environmental issue or to undertake concrete advocacy actions.

Contact Info:
Lička 33
HR – 10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 (0) 1 4655 441       
fax: +385 (0) 1 4655 443


Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria is the first energy management agency established in Bulgaria under the SAVE II program of the European Commission (EC). The main activities of EAP are in field of energy efficiency and clean energies as well as identifying and developing new energy projetcs, related to:

  • Sustainable energy communities,
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and SMEs,
  • Sustainable transport and mobility,
  • energy education for municipalities and citizents.
  • developing and adaptation of educational materials for students and teachers
  • educational and informational campaigns
  • eco-energy knowledge and skills into teaching materials and plans

The main golas of EAP are:

  • To promote energy efficiency at the local and regional level
  • To provide energy efficiency and RES comprehensive information, education, advocacy and lobbying
  • To raise public awareness of the connection between energy efficiency and climate protection
  • To promote programs, institutions and investments favouring sustainable energy development, including renewable energy sources
  • To identify and realize bankable demonstration energy efficiency and RES projects
  • To encourage international cooperation, with a focus on financing and market penetration; and
  • To enhance Bulgarian participation in the European integration process.

Energy Agency of Plovdiv
139 Ruski Blvd, fl. 3, of. 301 Plovdiv 4000 Bulgaria
Phone: +359 32 625 754,
Fax: +359 32 625 754


Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit environmental organization. The mission is to stimulate solutions for environmentally and socially responsible life through education, awareness raising and co-shaping of policies. FOCUS is highly experienced in international cooperation and has, among others, coordinated an IEE project REACH, focusing on energy poverty. Organization focuses its work on the issues of climate, energy, mobility, global responsibility and consumption, and degrowth. In the framework of these issues FOCUS organizes events, runs campaigns and practically oriented projects, raise awareness, monitor, analyse and take part in decision-making processes, cooperate with variety of stakeholders, and works with media. The work runs at local, national, and EU level.

Contact info:
Focus, društvo za sonaraven razvoj
Address: Maurerjeva 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Contact person: dr. Tomislav Tkalec
Tel: +38615154080